The love child of two artist-friends, Sour Grapes Press is the collaborative artistic output of Sarah Bradicich and Grace Plummer. Sarah and Grace met in 2016 and became fast friends when they bonded over shared social awkwardness. While the two attended Bath Spa University, Sarah spent her days screen printing in the print lab, and Grace would come down from the Textile Department at lunchtime so the two could share a jacket potato. Fast forward 6 years later, Sarah and Grace now share a studio. Originally, the two worked independently, but decided on sharing a table at a print fair. From the designated “B*tch Chair,” the two ranted about life and the stress of not knowing where to go with their work, lack of motivation, etc. One day Grace pried Sarah out of the B*tch Chair and onto the floor to collage. The two started to combine old sketches and prints when something clicked. Grapes are meant to grow in bunches, Sour Grapes was born!
Sour Grapes Press incorporates a fruity assortment of printmaking techniques including relief, letterpress, screen print, and risograph. Sarah and Grace attend print fairs where they show off their impressive collection of handmade sketchbooks, prints, wraps, and more. 
Sarah prefers red grapes. She is from upstate New York and recently finished her Masters in Multidisciplinary Printmaking at UWE Bristol. She works across different mediums but focuses primarily in book making, screen print, and letterpress. She works individually under her "brand" About Blank exploring the space in-between, whatever that means, but she enjoys mooching off of Grace's talent.
Sweet: animals, books, donuts, pretzels, hiking, playing Xbox
Sour: people who don't like animals, people who don't read, people who don't like donuts, slow walkers, aubergine.
Grace doesn't usually have a preference for grapes but is currently leaning towards red grapes. Grace studied Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors at Bath Spa University but is being converted to a printmaker by Sarah. These days, she uses her industry knowledge to critique Sarah's choice in footwear.
Sweet: cucumbers, Earl Grey with oat milk, salad cream, drawing
Sour: Quinoa, Sarah's shoes
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